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Radiant floor heating

Radiant heating is a state-of-the-art global trend which becomes ever more popular in the United Sates of America. This heating system is totally different from all the conventional ones that most of us are accustomed to. It is just what you need if you want to keep your home warm and conformable in winter.


There are several types of radiant heaters. Depending on the installation place the ceiling panels, radiant floor panels, and wall panels are distinguished. All of them are rather efficient. Still, choosing the optimal one for your home requires taking into account several factors. It is a common knowledge that the hot air is lighter and tends to move downwards as opposed to the cold air. That's why the most uniform heating is achieved installing the radiant heat panels under the floor. Still, the wall panels will be a better solution if you want to heat your apartment in the more localized way. The most peculiar thing about radiant floor heating is that it enables heating both the surface covering it and the air inside. In this way, be sure you will keep your back and feet warm. The radiant heat panels design does not envisage any ductwork. Heat is transferred directly to where it is needed with minimal losses. This ensures the high energy-efficient of the system.

Installing radiant heat panels

As said above, radiant heat panels are very efficient. Still, achieving the maximal efficiency is possible only by choosing the correct system type. Two types of radiant floor heating systems are distinguished. Hydronic systems are more affordable and are characterized by the moderate energy consumption. The electric systems consume more energy due to the higher heating capacity. Heat retention and thermal conductivity of the covering material (concrete, stone, or ceramics) is also an important factor. Still, there is one point to be careful about. If your floor is already finished then it will be more difficult or even impossible at all to install the system without removing it. So it is advised to think over this solution during the construction or revamp. Still, if you want to install radiant heating anyway you can choose among two remaining options: the wall and the ceiling mounted systems.

Radiant heaters maintenance

The regular radiant heaters maintenance always secures the failure-free and long service life of the radiant heating system. The main advantage of radiant floor heating systems is the minimum maintenance level. The electrical system will serve for ages if installed properly. The hydronic system will require monitoring the internal water and pressure level. In case something goes wrong be swift to contact HVAC contractors to get your radiant heaters fixed. It will be cheaper to do the maintenance one or two times each year rather than to repair the damaged system. All you need to do is just to arrange the meeting with our HVAC contractor. 

Repairing radiant floor heating

Radiant heating and cooling systems are rather failure-prone so you will more likely have little trouble using them. Proper maintenance considerably decreases the probability of failure. Owning the hydronic systems you may have to tackle some challenges with the valves and that's it. Still, this occurs very rarely. Don't worry much, HVAC contractors know well how to fix these problems! The spare parts replacement will be done quickly and on the budget. The pipes will be revamped or replaced fast if needed. The second most common problem is the pump failure. If you notice that your equipment is not operating properly or you hear the strange sounds, then the pump breakdown is the most likely reason for that.