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Welcome to the HV-AC website! The privacy policy set forth below is applied to http://hv-ac.com/ (the "Website"). Respecting our users’ privacy we (HV-AC Team) have purposefully drafted this Privacy Policy with the aim to demonstrate this as well as our commitment to protecting our users’ privacy. The given Privacy Policy will refer to you as the individual using the website (including all the URLs operated or controlled by this website and linking to the given privacy policy statement), our services or providing us with his or her personal data via the available info collection forms. The points in focus are as follows: what info is collected, how this info may be used, with whom it can / cannot be shared, how it can be accessed.

HV-AC Team strongly encourages every user to read the given Privacy Policy thoroughly during or before using the Website. By using this Website, you automatically accept and agree with the clauses of this privacy statement. HV-AC privacy policy was for the last time updated on 31 March 2017.

In case you have questions concerning this statement or any other related questions, feel free to contact us. The contact details are provided at the end of the page.

Collected info

Generally, the personally identifiable info may be collected (including your name, email, telephone number) as well as the info that doesn’t identify you anyhow. The provided personal data may be forwarded to the servers located in the USA.

  • Users info. We may gather and keep any personally indefinable info provided to us via the Website or in any other way. This info includes names, location, e-mail, phone number, and in addition the info about the used HVAC equipment and the required service.
  • Info from other sources. Periodically both non-personal and personal info can be obtained from other sources listing the business partners, contractors, and other third parties. It includes the service completion status, purchase history, some extra demographic info.

Using cookies or other info gathering technologies

  • Automatically collected info. The info from the user’s browser is collected automatically every time the Website is visited. This info may include IP address, type of the used browser, language preferences, time of access, content of the cookies accepted from us previously.
  • Cookies. Cookies is a technology aimed at facilitating access to the Website as well as to personalize the user’s online experience. One or more cookies will be assigned to your browsers every time you visit the Website. They may be used to gather info about the online activity on the Website. Cookies are accepted by most browsers automatically. Still, you can tune up your browsers to decline them which is not recommended as you may experience some problems with the sign in process and other interactive features. 
  • Other Technologies may the web beacons and other similar standard Internet technologies to track the activity on the Website. This info is aimed to ensure the better users experience via delivering the targeted ads and measuring the overall effectiveness of our online advertising, content, programming or other activities.
  • Info collected by the third-parties. The authorized service providers can display their ads on our Website. They may also use the above-mentioned technologies to track the interaction with their ads. Note, that our Website does not and will not provide any personally identifiable info to the third parties if it contradicts the clauses of this statement. 

Use of the collected info

Generally, the collected info can be used to:

  • deliver the requested services;
  • manage users’ accounts and provide fast customer support;
  • analyze the interaction with the website, services, and content of interest;
  • facilitate communication via e-mail and telephone or send newsletters that may be interesting for the targeted users;
  • to get in touch with you with regard to the quality of the provided service;
  • develop content and ads in line with your interests on our site and other sites;
  • enforce the terms and conditions of use;
  • manage the Website business;
  • to carry out other functions that you are notified about when the info is collected.

Sharing the collected info

We want to make it clear for you with whom and how the collected info can be shared.

Personal information. The users’ personal info will not be shared with the thirds parties except the cases listed below or the cases when you have the choice to opt out or opt for having your personal data shared. The gathered personal info can be shared with:

  • Authorized providers of services: This includes the personal info sharing with our authorized service providers which deliver the services on our behalf: carrying out orders, customer support, business / sales analysis, website support. These providers may need to have access to this personal info to carry out their tasks and functions. Still, they are not allowed to use and share the users’ data for other purposes than those specified.
  • Business partners: The personal info may be shared with the businesses partners to provide you the required service.
  • Professional contractors: The provided info and the required service will be matched with the list of the service providers. By submitting a service request via the forms on our website, you agree to allow us to provide your personal info and the corresponding service order to the professional HVAC contractors matching your request. This will allow them to contact you to agree on the project details.
  • Other Situations: The info may be also disclosed:
    • in response to the investigation demands including the court orders and cooperation request from the government and law enforcement agencies; to defend against any legal claims; to establish our own legal rights.
    • when the disclosure is considered appropriate with regard to the efforts aimed at preventing fraud or other wrongdoings; investigating illegal activity; defending rights, safety, and property of our users and company.
    • regarding the big transactions like merger, assets sale, consolidation.

The above-mentioned third parties can have their own statements of the privacy policy which set forth their principles of information use and disclosure.

Non-personal and aggregated info. The collected non-personal and aggregated info can be shared in line with the above-listed conditions as well as to deliver the ads on the Website to the focus audience. The collected aggregated data can be shared with the third parties: advertisers, advisors and investors and may specify the following details: number of visitors, requested services, most popular content or features. Note it will not include the personal data, except for the contact info (sent to the contractors) in ordered to get the requested service delivered.

Visiting the third-party’s sites 

If there are links on our Website which provide access to other sites then note that they may have their own Privacy Policy statements. For instance, clicking on the ads or the search results generated by our Website, you can be redirected to the site that we cannot control anyhow. These external sites collect both privately identifiable and general users’ info independently and in certain cases provide us the account of your activity on those sites. It is recommended checking the privacy policy statements posted by all the external sites you may visit via our Website. To do this click on the linked anchored "privacy" or “privacy policy” typically posted in the footer (bottom) of the visited page.

Accessing your info

There are two options of how to access the personal info: 1) you can update the personal info by contacting us; 2) if you have the online account registered with us then you can review, update, and delete your personal info via logging into the personal account. Check out more details below.

In case you decide to disable your account then contact our support service at support@hv-ac.com. Mind that you will not be able to access your account again after the deactivation and access your data at the Website. Still, you are free to register a new personal account with us again. In the case of deactivation, some of the available data can be retained solely for the record-keeping and analytical purposes and also to enforce the terms of the Website use, collect the owed fees, prevent fraud activity, to protect our users, to make other steps in line with the law. Additionally, in case some of this data had been already provided to the third-parties as (mentioned in the clauses above), then the retention and use of that info will be subject to the terms and conditions of those sites’ privacy policies.       

Users’ options as for the personal info use and collection

  • You may opt out of providing us with certain info. Still, this can make certain features of our Website unavailable for you because such data can be needed to use our Website’s services; order services and products from our contractors; participate in promotions, and surveys; ask the services related questions.
  • Any time the need arises the user / the services consumer can opt out from receiving the commercial emails, promo materials and newsletters accessing the personal account or contacting the support service. Each related message will include the option to stop sending the corresponding materials in the future. Usually, it takes up to 10 days to handle the opt-out requests. Still, we always try to speed the process up. You may be sent other relationship or commercial e-mails including notices, announcements, and surveys.
  • If you do not want to share your personal postal info with the selected providers of services or goods, you may notify us about that at any time contacting us support@hv-ac.com.

Protection of users’ personal info

The appropriate protective electronic, physical and procedural measures are taken constantly to facilitate the safe-keeping of your personal data from the unauthorized disclosure and access. For instance, it can be accessed only by the authorized employees exclusively to fulfill their business duties and functions. We apply the firewalls preventing the unauthorized access to the personal and general info of users.

Children's privacy

This website is the general audience web resource. We don’t deliberately and knowingly gather the personal and general info from those under the age of 18.

Visiting the Websites from outside the USA

The given Privacy Policy statement is destined to cover the principles of info collection from users visiting the Website from the territory of the USA. Mind that if you visit the Website from beyond the territory of the USA then your info can be transferred, processed and kept in the USA based servers and database. As the USA laws can be no that comprehensive as those in your country of residence, the major efforts are taken to protect the personal data of all the users. Still, some of the info may be transferred to the third parties as mentioned above.

Rights of the Third Parties

The given Privacy Policy statement doesn’t set forth the rights which can be enforced by the third parties and doesn’t anyhow require disclosure of the personally identifiable info of the Website users.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

In line with the generally accepted practice, the given Privacy Policy statement will be changed from time to time to keep it up with the changes of our services. We recommend users of our Website to check it occasionally to keep updated.

Contacting us

In case you have questions about this Privacy Policy statement or other related info management practices, feel free to contact us.

  • The rights to access the personal info can be limited:
  • when access denial is demanded by law
  • when this access could breach other  people's privacy;
  • when it is indispensable to our property and rights.

Every rejection of info access request will be explained.

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Updated on 31 March 2017

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