Geothermal heating Lincoln County, ME

Imagine that you live on a perfect planet where everybody takes care of the environment and tries to do everything possible to reduce the human-caused damages. In this case, everybody would use the wind power and solar energy as well as other renewable resources such as geothermal energy. Surely enough it is one of the main short and long term objectives for many countries in future. The truth is that we do not have to wait when this future comes, we can start using renewable resources today such as cooling and geothermal heating Lincoln County, ME!
This system is not just a device that makes you feel comfortable by warming and cooling your houses or offices. It is one of the most eco-friendly geothermal cooling & heating sources in Maine just like the sun energy or wind power.

The main benefit of this system is that it does not use the fossil fuels. It utilizes the energy stored in the depths of the earth which is fully renewable and eco-friendly. Geothermal HVAC Lincoln County, ME systems reduce CO2 emissions considerably as well as enable numerous households to cut the utility costs as far as the geothermal heating cost in Lincoln County, ME is relatively low.

The HVAC contractors serving Lincoln County, ME believe that it is a great honor to help people to care about the environment. They employ officially technicians licensed for the services of geothermal heating Lincoln County, ME so you can be sure that the quality of provided services will meet all the industry and environmental standards and requirements. 

The principle of geothermal HVAC system operation is based on transferring heat from the ground through the copper pipes using water or refrigerant by means of the heat pumps. Reverse mode is applied in summer when you need to cool your house: heat from your house is transferred to the ground.

Installation of geothermal heating Lincoln County, ME

There are two main types of systems installed as a part of geothermal HVAC Lincoln County, ME projects: open-loop and closed-loop. The open-loop systems are simpler and easier to install. As it follows from the name the water flowing inside such systems is not looped. After the house is warmed up it is just dumped back into the ground.

The closed-loop systems are more effective so they are great for the big houses in Maine. The type of close-loop unit you need may vary depending on the floor-space and location of your house. It goes about two types of these systems: horizontal and vertical. They are different in terms of the pipes positioning. The pipes are installed horizontally or vertically respectively.

Our contractors have been constantly building up their experience in geothermal heating system installation. So they can offer various equipment and options for you. Feel free to apply and expect the best solution.

The geothermal heating system is a rather big investment for the average household of Lincoln County, ME. Still, it is 100% worth it. The average lifespan of the geothermal system is about 50-60 years. So it is not just an eco-friendly way to heat and cool your home, it is also a unique chance to start saving money in future. Furthermore, such systems are highly durable and do not require a serious and expensive service. 

Maintenance of geothermal heating Lincoln County, ME

As it was already mentioned above, geothermal systems do not require sufficient service or maintenance due to their exceptional durability. But even the most durable systems can fail and if it happens the professional contractors are nearby to help you! The typical problems you can face using the geothermal system in Maine are filters clogging or pipe blocking. However, there is no reason to worry much. This issues can be fixed easily and quickly. Our HVAC contractors manage to service Lincoln County with the total population of 34,088 people. 

A unique thing about the project of geothermal HVAC Lincoln County, ME is that it is not only great for heating. It also enables using the advantages of geothermal cooling. During the summertime, the system works in a reverse mode. The refrigerant is cooled by the ground and then transferred back to your house which cools the air inside with the minimum energy consumption.

So, if you want to find out more about geothermal cooling & geothermal heating cost in Lincoln County, ME or apply for the installation service feel free to do this on our website.

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