Geothermal heating Dresden, Maine

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, each year about 50,000 citizens of the United States of America choose the geothermal heating and cooling systems. It is 5 times more than it was in the first decade of the twenty-first century. And now each environmentally cautious and responsible person can afford a new geothermal cooling system that will not cause any harm to our planet.
Geothermal HVAC Dresden project implies using a unique, eco-friendly, fossil-free heating and cooling system. It operates using the power of the earth. In fact, the average temperature of the earth is about 45-75 degrees Fahrenheit per kilometer of depth. The underground part of the system consists of the piping which is the main part of geothermal heating and cooling Dresden complex. The heat is transferred be means of the refrigerant or water that flows through this pipe system. In summer the system works in the opposite way and the hot air inside the building is cooled by the same principle.

Installing geothermal heating Dresden, Maine

The indoor part of the system is very similar to the more common residential heat pumps. Still, when it comes to the outdoor part everything is absolutely different. The in-ground pipes are relatively hard to install because this process requires a lot of sophisticated preparations such as soil research, ground drilling and so on. So only the highly qualified technicians can do this work properly. The average lifetime of the system of geothermal heating and cooling Dresden is about 50-60 years. So this one-time payment can save you some decent money if the system is maintained properly. Mistakes during installation and capacity calculation made by the inexperienced can cause failures. This will correspondingly entail significant money loss in future as far as the geothermal systems are comparatively hard to repair due to the low accessibility of the underground parts.

The project cost of geothermal heating Dresden, Maine can vary depending on the type of the installed system. There are the closed loop and the open loop systems of geothermal heating and cooling Dresden. The closed loop systems are subdivided into the vertical and horizontal ones. Even though this installation is not cheap, it will fully pay off in 5-10 years as well as enable you to save money in future. Do not worry if choosing the suitable system looks somewhat tricky. Feel free to call our HVAC contractors serving Dresden, Lincoln to get the necessary information. You can also schedule an appointment with the technician to get a free price estimate. This is an important step as your house area, location and so on will be accounted to provide you the best geothermal HVAC Dresden solution.

Maintenance of geothermal heating Dresden, Maine

The most remarkable thing about the geothermal systems is that they can be maintained less frequently as opposed to other HVAC equipment installed throughout Maine. The on-ground part is installed indoors so it is mostly protected from the aggressive environment and any serious mechanical damage. The in-ground part is not subject to the weather extremes or any other mechanical damage too as it is securely protected by the ground layers. It will serve for ages if it is installed properly.

Even though these systems are rather reliable, the following parameters have to be checked periodically:

1. The level of refrigerant or water inside the system. Low level of fluid can indicate a leakage which is to be eliminated as soon as possible.

2. Filter clogging. As any other heating and cooling unit the equipment of geothermal HVAC Dresden service is not “immune” to dust and dirt.

Repair of geothermal heating Dresden, Maine

As is was mentioned above, the units installed as a part of geothermal HVAC Dresden projects generally do not require a frequent service or maintenance. The most common still rather rare related problem is the pipe leakage. Mostly this happens due to the improper system installation. That is why choosing the experienced HVAC contractor from Maine is essential.

The geothermal heating system is one of the most energy saving and eco-friendly ways to heat or cool your house. Some people say that the costs of geothermal heating Dresden, Lincoln project are too high. But most green energy proponents disagree saying it is a big but rather profitable investment! Feel free to call our experts serving Dresden and other cities in Lincoln County, ME with the total population of 34,088 people.

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