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Heat pump repair service

Each HVAC device is a complex integrated system which has to be properly installed and maintained. HV-AC contractors employ the highly-skilled and trained technicians who are very accurate in servicing different HVAC systems and units leaving alone the heat pump repair. In the review below the following questions will be answered. What is a heat pump system? Why is it so popular among the USA consumers? What is the heat pump service itself?


It is rather obvious why so many household and business owners choose the heat pumps for their buildings. This equipment is moderately priced as opposed to the geothermal systems and furnaces. In addition, they allow both heating and cooling the air inside the building. And what is more important, they are money saving which is the most attractive things about them. Even though the system will inevitably lose performance at the very low temperatures, it is nevertheless one of the most optimal solutions on the market in terms of the energy and cost efficiency. 

Heat pump installation

Supposed you have scaled all pros against all cons and made up your mind to order heat pump installation. So what's next? This heat pump service implies three basic steps that guarantee the high-quality heat pump service:

Step One is the primary inspection. After applying to one of our HVAC contractors the appointed expert will inspect your house factoring the location, climatic setting, and the heating area. This is very important as the heat pump price will directly depend on the capacity. The incompatible system will cause a lot of troubles in future. The overpowered device will not be fully efficient because of the higher consumption of energy. The underpowered device will not be completely efficient too. It will constantly run under the high load which will result in the faster wear and tear.

Step Two implies deciding on the heat pump installation place. Depending on the rooms arrangement and other interior configurations, the unit can be mounted under the floor or on the wall and ceiling. 

Step Three is heat pump installation itself. It is, by all means, the most important part of the project as far as the mismatched heat pump installation can be a reason of failures and breakdowns later. It is always recommended to entrust the work to the true experts who will get it done properly for sure. 

Heat Pump Maintenance

This is the second most demanded heat pump service. The well-scheduled heat pump maintenance is a backbone of the longer service life of the device. This system is a rather durable and reliable. Still, do not forget about the regular and timely servicing to avoid applying for heat pump repair. The common problems are related to the dirt accumulation inside the system. These are, for instance, the dirty fans, coils, and plugged filters. Of course, you can handle some maintenance points yourself but it is advised to delegate this task to the professionals. Doing heat pump maintenance as required, you will be always sure about the trouble-free and long operation of your system. 

The common heat pump maintenance points list:

  • filters, coils, fans, and blowers inspection
  • refrigerant level inspection
  • refrigerant leakages detection
  • motor parts lubrication
  • thermostat inspection

In case your system has been already serving for a good while and has become somewhat worn it would be advisable to apply for heat pump replacement. If the heat pump replacement is carried out right then the new equipment will run sustainably for the long years if well-serviced.

Heat Pump Repair

The timely maintenance allows avoiding heat pump replacement. As stated above, the heat pumps are durable and reliable. Still, they aren't fully failure-prone and can sometimes go down due to the numerous adverse factors. The device can break down because the timely maintenance was not provided or because the internal parts were poorly lubricated or clogged with dust. In any case, you will be advised to order the heat pump repair or heat pump replacement service if the unit can not be restored for the objective reasons. If you have seen that something went wrong then be quick to apply for the emergency heat pump service.