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Air conditioning maintenance

Just purchasing the warm clothes or a sunscreen is not always enough to prepare for the cold or hot seasons respectively. If you want your house or flat to be cozy in any weather or time of the year then you have to keep your air conditioner clean carrying out the regular maintenance or AC tune up. Achieving this requires finding a trained and professional air conditioner maintenance service provider. If well-serviced, the AC unit will work for you trouble-free for long.


Still, many household and business owners currently pay little attention to this issue and apply for the professional help only after the conditioner breaks down. We would advise you to schedule and do air conditioning maintenance one or two times a year. In this way, you will be sure that your AC is protected from the unexpected break-down. Consuming less power, it will also save a pretty penny for you. For the obvious reasons, the maintenance is much cheaper compared to repair or replacement the whole unit.

Why is air conditioning maintenance needed?

Air conditioner is a very important device as it allows creating a cozy ambient environment in your home in winter or in summer. It helps to maintain the temperature inside at the comfortable level no matter what weather is outside. When it is a sweltering summer your AC unit will cool the air and when it is a freezing winter it will heat it. In case the air conditioner is your main heating and cooling equipment it is essential to keep it in the good operating condition. The best thing you can do to ensure this implies hiring HVAC professionals to carry out the scheduled air conditioner maintenance. Our HVAC maintenance contractors will get your air conditioner ready before of the winter or summer weather extremes can affect it. In this way, it will run with the maximal efficiency consuming minimum energy. It is a common knowledge that the outdated conditioners consume more power due to the wear-out, plugged filters and so on. If maintained properly and cleaned then even the worn-out unit will run as if it is a brand new one. Also, mind that the well-scheduled maintenance will always cost you less compared to the emergency replacement or repair of the broken down device. So keep your AC clean and maintained to extend its service life and save your money.

The professional and quality air conditioning maintenance are essential both for the commercial and residential customers. Commercial HVAC maintenance is essential for the big offices or stores. In case the air conditioner goes down amid the working day it is highly important to fix it as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to call the technician any time there are problems with the equipment or you just have to make an appointment for the regular commercial HVAC maintenance or AC tune up.

Residential & Commercial HVAC maintenance

AC owners frequently ask if it is possible at all to do the air conditioning maintenance on one's own. Yes, it is, some basic manipulations can be carried out without applying for the professional assistance. However, air conditioning equipment is complex and rather sophisticated. Remember that there is always a chance to mess up something if you are not completely sure about what you do. In this way, it is advised to apply for the qualified air conditioner maintenance assistance.

Our contractors have the decades-long track record in providing the residential and commercial air conditioner maintenance and AC tune up services such as:

  • filters replacement and cleaning 
  • coils cleaning 
  • drain channels cleaning
  • refrigerant refilling
  • leakage detection and elimination
  • lubrication 
  • performance diagnostics
  • precise AC tune up

Customers satisfaction is a top priority. So it is essential to make sure they are all satisfied with the provided services. HV-AC maintenance contractors nearby are always ready to assist you no matter how challenging the task is.