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Air Conditioning Installation

Before making up your mind to order AC installation you have to find out several important things about this service. Purchasing a new air conditioner, many home and business owners get somewhat confused and just book a full package of installation services from the HVAC contractors. Surely enough, their choice is respected but wouldn't it be more to money-saving to choose exactly what is needed. Of course, it will take some time to decide. Still, it will be more economical for your budget. These are several issues we advise to pay attention to ordering the new air conditioning installation. 


Deciding on the optimal air conditioning installation solution

1. Contractors
One of the first things you have to make a decision about is a skilled and trained HVAC contractor which will get your new air conditioner installed. The factors which can influence your decision are numerous. Still, the most crucial point to care about is the contractor's accreditation and license. Be sure to avoid entrusting the air conditioner installation cost estimation to the contractors which are not officially acknowledged.  

2. Size
Purchasing and ordering the new air conditioner installation, we advise calling the experts to make the proper sizing. They will specify the type of unit fitting the floor space of your room or house. The bigger your house is, the higher-performance air conditioner you have to install. However, mind that mounting the too large unit will increase the utility cost. In case the capacity is not enough then the equipment will work continuously but failing to cool the apartment sufficiently. Our contractors are not afraid of any difficulties and do their best to turn them into the useful practical skill. 

3. Ordering AC installation
You can contact the support service to apply for the professional assistance in selecting the most suitable equipment for your building or flat. It works with the renowned brands to fit into the customers' financial resources be it the expensive commercial or cheaper residential air conditioner installation projects. These brands are Amana, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, York and other popular brands. 

4. Air conditioning installation
AC installation procedures differ depending on the equipment specifications. Having carried out a number of the new air conditioner installation projects our contractors distinguish the following: 

  • window-mounted air conditioning installation;
  • split systems installation (is made of to 2 parts which are installed inside and outside the house);
  • central AC installation (the system connected to the existing ducts and used either to cool or warm the house).

Portable AC units need no special installation, as they can be simply moved around the apartment. 

There are some additional features that are to be factored during the calculating of air conditioner installation cost:

  • condenser pad outside;
  • perforated opening in the exterior wall;
  • wiring;
  • appropriate electrical supplies (if required).

“Do it yourself” installation is not recommended as it can be a reason of the unit or house damage. Probably, the main thing that the homeowner is governed by in this situation is his/her desire to save money. Actually, it may incur additional expenses for repair or re-installation in future. There are numerous “bottle-necks” in this work our experts know very good. It concerns the refrigerant treatment or even selecting the best place for the AC unit which may seem rather easy at the first thought.

What makes our contractors a better choice?

Certainly enough, as many other HVAC contractors, our contractors offer a specific list of services and do it at the high level. They are always open for cooperation and ready to help to choose the best solution.
What differs them from others. They provide the full-package solutions to integrate the air conditioning installation complexly saving your money and time. 
So, do not hesitate to apply for the service! The customer-oriented policy, technicians' professional training, and experience will be a welcome surprise for you. Apply for the free quotes of the air conditioning installation cost.